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New Products

Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard

Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard

The Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard is for individuals who miss the Apple Wired Keyboard but don't need a numeric keypad. It has all the key design elements Mac users were familiar with; an aluminum case with keycaps, a 2 port USB 2.0 hub, all the special Mac functions that were on the now discontinued Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, and a hard wired connection via a USB cable. Improvements on this Matias product include Matias scissor switches providing a satisfying typing experience in a slim and compact design.

Matias has also added a high precision volume control dial with 64 levels on the top edge of the keyboard for those who desire more accurate volume control than the 16 settings provided through the traditional volume up and down keys. This keyboard only weighs 1.2 lbs and comes with a one meter (3.25 foot) USB cable.

The Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X all the way back to Version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and is available in Silver or Space Grey. The the PC model (FK308PCBB) is Windows compatible and is available in Black only.

For more information on this keyboard, see the our online catalog.

Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard

New Models of Kinesis Advantage2 and Freestyle Pro Keyboards with Cherry "Quiet" MX Red Linear Mechanical Keyswitches

Kinesis is now offering the new Cherry “Quiet” MX Red Linear Feel switch as a new model of their Advantage2 Keyboard. 

The Advantage2 LFQ (KB600LFQ) will be replacing the standard MX Red version (KB600LF). The Cherry MX “Quiet” linear feel, low-force switch has the same force properties as the standard Cherry MX Red but incorporates a patented noise reduction feature making the switch noticeably quieter than the “clackety” sound of the MX Brown switch. The MX “Quiet” Red is an ideal choice in open work environments where ambient noise is a concern. There is a consistent force throughout the full stroke of the key so there is no tactile feedback unless the switch bottoms out. Many gamers and heavy typists prefer the Cherry Red’s due to their “smoother” feel. Since there is no “peak” or tactile force, the total effort required to reach the activation force of 45 gm is slightly less than with the tactile (brown stem) switch.

These "Quiet" switches have also been available on the Freestyle Pro (KB900-RDQ) for several months.

For more information on either of these keyboards, see the our online catalog.

Featured Products

Electric Kangaroo Elite

Electric Kangaroo Elite from Ergo Desktop

The Electric Kangaroo Elite is an electric motorized version of the standard Kangaroo Elite. Like the standard Kangaroo Elite, the Electric Elite is a desktop add-on unit which converts any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk. It is free-standing (no clamping required) and easily moved to any position on your desk. The main keyboard platform adjusts up or down by an electric motor (activated by a button switch), and is 28" wide and 24" deep with height-adjustability up to 20.5" above the desk, which will accommodate individuals who are up to 6' 8" tall. Monitors are attached to the monitor mounts using the standard VESA plates requiring 75 mm x 75 mm or 100 mm x 100 mm hole patterns. These monitor mounts allow for panning, tilting, or rotating the monitors from landscape to portrait positions. In addition, the monitors can be height-adjusted 6.5" independently of the keyboard platform using the gas cylinder mechanism.

Extra features of the Electric Kangaroo Elite include an updated programmable button that lets the user know how high the desktop is, reminders for sitting or standing (these can be customized), built-in memory for up to 4 different heights, and Bluetooth access to all the above features via a phone app. In addition, the memory feature has an "impulse drive" function for automatically going to a pre-set location by using a simple double-click on the button. Finally, there is also included a 7" x 4" shelf as an extra storage space for phones, pens, etc.

Note: All units come with one stabilization leg. For extra tall individuals over 6' 1", request the extra tall leg. Colour options (Black, Cherry, Maple) and additional accessories are also available.

For more information on the Electric Kangaroo Elite, see the Sit-Stand/Lean - Retrofit - Freestanding product line page in our online catalog.

Kanewell 360 Arm Accessory

Kanewell 360 Arm Accessory

The 360° Arm Accessory from Kanewell can rotate to any position around the seat, enabling it to be used as an armrest for either the left or right arm, as a forward leaning or elbow support, or as a stretcher bar for the back. It can easily be locked into position when stability is required. The height of the 360° Arm Support is also adjustable so users are able to move it to the elevation that offers them the most suitable support. The 360° Arm Support can be used by anyone who may need to stabilize themselves while leaning. Dentists and Dental Assistants who are often leaning in or forward are able to let the Arm Support bear their weight, reducing strain and muscle fatigue in the lower back. Leaning against a stable fixed support also ensures a greater degree of control, making this accessory a valid consideration for anyone required to stretch outside of their immediate comfort zone while completing tasks requiring fine control or dexterity.

The 360° Arm Accessory features a thick layer of polyurethane foam which creates a supportive but cushioned resting surface. The high quality vinyl upholstery is resistant to a wide range of common cleaning solution making it suitable for applications were regular cleaning is required. Note: It is generally recommended that any cleaner be carefully tested in an inconspicuous location prior to full application. Sample testing swatches are available in advance upon request if there is concern regarding a particular cleaning agent.

The 360° Arm Accessory comes as a kit which includes both the 360° Arm Support Accessory as well as a replacement pneumatic spring. Installation on a new Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool is done with ease, as part of the stool assembly. Retrofitting a fully assembled Stool requires removal and replacement of the existing gas lift cylinder with the unit included in the kit, thereby ensuring that the Stool retains is original range of height adjustment.

For more information on the Kanewell 360 Arm Accessory, see the Sit-Stand / Lean - Seating product line page in our online catalog.

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