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New Products

Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard

New Models of Kinesis Advantage2 and Freestyle Pro Keyboards with Cherry "Quiet" MX Red Linear Mechanical Keyswitches

Kinesis is now offering the new Cherry “Quiet” MX Red Linear Feel switch as a new model of their Advantage2 Keyboard. 

The Advantage2 LFQ (KB600LFQ) will be replacing the standard MX Red version (KB600LF). The Cherry MX “Quiet” linear feel, low-force switch has the same force properties as the standard Cherry MX Red but incorporates a patented noise reduction feature making the switch noticeably quieter than the “clackety” sound of the MX Brown switch. The MX “Quiet” Red is an ideal choice in open work environments where ambient noise is a concern. There is a consistent force throughout the full stroke of the key so there is no tactile feedback unless the switch bottoms out. Many gamers and heavy typists prefer the Cherry Red’s due to their “smoother” feel. Since there is no “peak” or tactile force, the total effort required to reach the activation force of 45 gm is slightly less than with the tactile (brown stem) switch.

These "Quiet" switches have also been available on the Freestyle Pro (KB900-RDQ) for several months.

For more information on either of these keyboards, see the our online catalog.

Amazone Balance from Score

Amazone Balance from Score

The Amazone Balance saddle style chair from Score is an excellent solution for users concerned about ergonomics and wanting to move away from static seating. The Amazone combines the posture-correcting benefits of a saddle seat with the "Balance" mechanism that permits the seat to continuously shift and adjust in response to user movement throughout the day.

The Balance mechanism is located directly below the seat, enabling the seat to move and shift with any body movement. In order to accommodate the diverse requirements of users the degree of resistance on the movement is easily adjusted with a few turns of the ring located just below the seat. This ring also doubles as a height adjustment release meaning that there is no need to reach and find a single lever when height adjustment is required, as the ring is accessible at any position.

The saddle of the Amazone Balance is a slightly narrower fit or "cut" than many other saddle seats and has a moderate pommel rise at the front, enabling it to work well for a large group of both male and female users from average to petite. The narrower cut also means that it can accommodate positions higher than the 45° downward thigh angle commonly recommended for saddle sitting. This can be of value in situations such as dental care where the greater stability of a "standing" position is required while still having the supported benefits of "sitting". The posture created by the Amazone Balance means that most users will find roughly half of their weight supported by the chair with the balance shared between the feet.

Currently the Amazone Balance is available with premium 2-tone Red/Anthacite Stamskin® artificial leather for extreme durability and comfort.

For more information on the Amazone Balance from Score, see the Seating - Dynamic Seating product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

Vamp LED Task Light from Safco Products

Vamp LED Task Light from Safco Products

The Vamp LED Task Light from Safco Products provides 550 lumens of energy efficient (just 9 watts) and glare-free illumination suited to any workplace, type of work, or individual preference. Unlike most other LED lights the Vamp LED Task Light provides users with the ability to change the "colour" of the light with the touch of a finger. Users can choose from 4 "cool" levels or 4 "warm" levels, selecting the colour of light which provides them with the optimum in viewing comfort throughout the day. The Vamp base is also equipped with a touch control which provides 8 levels of illumination intensity adjustment regardless of colour mode. Flicker-free illumination is ensured by a 12V power supply and filtered by a frosted lens which ensures soft light dispersion at any of the touch-activated colour or illumination levels. The low-profile stand on the Vamp includes a convenient USB charging port and the streamlined housing will fit on any desk. The articulating arm pivots a full 340° within the base and includes 2 smoothly articulating joints for ease of positioning. The head of the Vamp also offers a 300° range of rotation to further facilitate light direction for the elimination of shadows or glare. The Vamp LED Task Light is environmentally friendly, containing neither mercury or lead, and emitting no potentially harmful UV radiation.

For more information on the Vamp LED Task Light, see the Accessories - Task Lighting product line page in our online catalog.

LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands

LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands

The LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle for LEVO G2 Tablet Stands is an ideal replacement for LEVO's Bungee cradle/platform. It works with any size tablet up to 12" (from iPad mini to iPad Pro), including the tablet's case (except for the iPad Pro). The clamping ends are also removable in anticipation of different shapes for future tablets.

Tablets are easily secured to the clamp with the easy slide of a lever on the back of the clamp. It is designed so that you can attach or detach your tablet in seconds. In some cases, the clamp will also hold many smart phones.

For more information on the LEVO Dual Clamp Tablet Cradle, see the Accessories - Tablet Products product line page in our online catalog.

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