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New Products

Corner Monitor Stand from Aidata

Corner Monitor Stand from Aidata

The Corner Monitor Stand from Aidata is designed to optimize the usage of new compact workspaces or where surface space is at a premium. The triangular design permits use of space that is generally inaccessible to the common "rectangular" risers. The triangle shape fits snugly into corners and lets monitors or devices be placed as far back as possible, freeing up desk space for other uses. The Corner Monitor Stand is equipped with modular legs that can be configured to provide elevations of 1.5", 3", 4.5", and 6.25".

The rear of the Corner Monitor Stand has convenient cable management clips while the front features a slot designed to hold a tablet or phone in an angled upright ergonomic viewing position. Four small storage compartments can accommodate various small stationery items. The space between the front supports is 18.5" wide, sufficient to accommodate the storage of most standard keyboards.
Note: The smallest leg segments are equipped with a rubber base. To provide stability on the desk, these segments must always be installed.

For more information on this monitor stand, see the our online catalog.

Goal 156GW Series FlexoBalance Chair from Interstuhl

Goal 156GW Series FlexoBalance Chair from Interstuhl

The Goal 156GW Series FlexoBalance Chair from Interstuhl is a versatile choice for large corporate offices as well as small business and home offices. The Goal 156GW is a premium upholstered chair that features a synchronous movement of the seat back and the seat pan. The synchronous movement feature permits a user to lean back and achieve an open angle up to 120° at the hips, with the seat pan angling proportionately downwards at the rear as the backrest leans further back. The unique FlexoBalance seat pan is designed to encourage users to actively engage in movement throughout the day. It can be left in the unlocked position that permits it to tilt in any direction or may be locked to effectively eliminate the seat pan movement.

Movement tension in the back rest can be customized to meet the counter resistance requirements of multiple users. The backrest on the Goal 156GW also permits the lumbar support height to be adjusted to any of 7 settings ranging from 6" to 9" above the seat pan.

The seat back and pan are upholstered in high quality fabric over supportive layers of breathable foam and cotton padding that provide optimal air flow, comfort and support. The seat fabric is high grade composite fabric (90% wool, 10% nylon) rated at 415 g/rm, and is available in Anthracite Grey.

To allow users of all builds to meet their individual needs for arm support, the "4-D" armrests are adjustable for height, width (from the inner edge of the left armrest to the inner edge of the right armrest), depth (forward and backward) and pivot (20° to the left and right).

The durable aluminum base is powder-coated in brilliant silver and equipped with soft-surface double casters.

For more information on this chair, see the our online catalog.

Featured Products

MultiLite Adjustable Document Holder from Posturite

MultiLite Adjustable Document Holder from Posturite

The MultiLite Adjustable Document Holder from Posturite is constructed of durable lightweight frosted acrylic for ease of movement. This stylish and lightweight desktop solution offers features and benefits very similar to the well-established metal-framed MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope. When placed on the desk between the keyboard and monitor, the MultiLite keeps reference materials and handwriting projects directly in front of the user. Because this reduces the need to twist or reach outside the Comfort Zone, while also providing stable support for the hand and arm, this multifunctional accessory offers significant ergonomic benefits to those whose job involves reading, handwriting or jotting down notes at a computer workstation.

The pull-down writing tray on the MultiLite supports sheets of paper, heavy binders or books, positioning them all at a comfortable angle for viewing. This surface is made of rigid frosted acrylic with a 0.5" high by 0.75" deep soft foam strip that serves both as a wrist pad as well as a document lip to keep loose papers in place. Gliding on smooth ball bearing tracks, the tray can also be pulled down towards the user up to 6.5" to provide a spacious, stable writing surface that floats above the keyboard, eliminating the need to reach over the keyboard when handwriting. When the handwriting task is complete, the tray easily slides back into its original position where it is secured in place by a magnet. Silicone rubber feet on the base prevent the MultiRite from shifting on the desk during use. A storage compartment integrated into the base beneath the tray keeps pens, pencils, paper clips and other small desk essentials close at hand.

The MultiLite offers 3 angle settings for the worksurface - 12°, 16°, and 21°. Those looking for a greater range of angle adjustment (up to 33°) may be interested in the metal-framed MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope which features the same adjustable writing surface and is available in 3 different widths.

For more information on this document holder, see the our online catalog.

R-Go HE Ergonomic Wireless Mouse from R-Go Tools

R-GO HE Sport Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse from R-GO Tools

The R-GO HE Sport Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse from R-GO Tools rotates the hand upward and outward. This angled posture reduces strain on the tissues of the forearm when compared with the traditional pronated "palm down" position. In addition, because the hand is now elevated up and away from the surface, users are no longer able to "plant" the heel of their hand in the manner that the traditional mouse position encourages. Thus, the potential for the development of RSI from repetitive or sustained wrist extension is virtually eliminated.

The R-GO HE Sport Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse offers support for the hand and fingers, encouraging users to let their hand relax against the natural contours. The R-GO HE Sport is sized to accommodate hand sizes ranging from 6.5" to 7.3" in length, is available in both Left and Right. It is equipped with a 4-level sensor that can read from 800-2400 DPI.

The R-GO HE Sport Ergonomic Bluetooth Mouse features a striking red body with contrasting silver buttons. The highly textured thumbrest ensures firm control but users with high sensitivity may find the braille-like nodules less than comfortable. Connectivity is via Bluetooth so this model will only connect with computers that are Bluetooth-enabled. For non-bluetooth environments there are both Wired and a 2.4 GHZ Wireless models available. The wired BREAK model provides also visual cues to remind users to take regular breaks in order to reduce the risk of developing RSI.
Note: When selecting the appropriate size of R-Go Mouse the hand should be measured from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease in the wrist.

For more information on this keyboard, see the our online catalog.

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