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Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball from Kensington

Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball from Kensington

The Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball from Kensington features a contoured body that supports the hand in a naturally relaxed position, rotated outwards at approximately 40°. The large 40 mm trackball provides silky-smooth and virtually effortless cursor control and is positioned so that multiple fingers can share the workload. Three DPI settings are available, a fixed 400 DPI for fine control and two dynamic ranges of 400-800 and 800-1500 DPI that respond to the rate of the trackball rotation to provide both speed and control. Speed adjustment is achieved via the thumb switch. A convenient patented light-action detent-free scroll ring around the base of the trackball gives quick access to scrolling and for viewing lengthy documents a quick press of the thumb on the middle-click button converts the trackball to scroll function. On the thumb side are conveniently-placed Left Click, Middle Click, Back and Forward, and DPI buttons. A large right-click button is positioned to the right of the trackball for access by the ring finger.

Since the Orbit Fusion connects wirelessly and can be placed on any surface - even soft or uneven ones, this a great mousing option when working on a Smart TV. The 2.4 GHz wireless receiver connects via USB-A or USB-C (using the included adapter) for laptops or devices that do not include full-size USB ports. Basic functions are available plug-and-play but can also be customized using the KensingtonWorks software (Windows and Mac)

Those who in the past may have used the Microsoft Explorer or Logitech TrackMan Marble FX trackballs may find the Orbit Fusion Wireless Trackball to offer a degree of similarity to these discontinued devices. The overall angle, hand placement and finger control are similar and are now combined with improved overall function and performance.

For more information on this trackball, see our online catalog.

R-Go Riser Duo Tablet and Laptop Stand from R-Go Tools

R-Go Riser Duo Tablet and Laptop Stand from R-Go Tools

The R-Go Riser Duo Tablet and Laptop Stand from R-Go Tools is a highly portable and re-configurable stand that can be used to elevate both laptop and tablet screens for improved viewing ergonomics. For tablet screens in particular it offers an exceptional screen height. In both laptop and tablet modes the stand also serves as an inline document holder, supporting documents directly below the screen.

The R-Go Riser Duo is constructed of lightweight aluminum composite for ease of transport and the entire unit compacts down to just 5 mm in thickness. Folding and unfolding the stand takes just a few seconds, further adding to the practical nature of the stand. In both laptop and tablet modes there are 4 positions available to accommodate personal preferences in screen elevation, raising an average laptop screen 6" or more above the surface and tablets over 9". Raising the screens greatly reduces the downward bend in the neck and/or torso required when a laptop or tablet is placed directly on a desk or table.

For more information on this tablet and laptop stand, see our online catalog.

Featured Products

LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for iPads, Tablets and eReaders by Levo

LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for iPads, Tablets and eReaders by Levo

Laptop users are now able to enjoy the same convenience that readers and tablet users have been experiencing for years. The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand further expands the LEVO family of products by adding a laptop solution alongside the existing Tablet and Book holders. Not only that, the Rolling Laptop Workstation also has accessories available that easily convert it for use with either tablets or traditional books and magazines. With the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation it is now possible to relax in the comfort of your favourite chair or even on the bed, while at the same time positioning your laptop for improved ergonomics and comfort. And, once your work is done for the day, you can use the optional accessories to switch to your tablet for some family facetime or to escape into your favourite novel.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation stand features a heavy 20 pound base that ensures stability for laptops up to 17". Easy rolling casters let the stand be easily positioned to optimize both comfort and ergonomics or for movement between locations or rooms. The telescoping design features easily operated cam locks for platform height adjustment to any point between 22" and 40". At 40" it even provides sufficient elevation to be used as a temporary standing workstation for users up to about 5'6". The 12.75" hourglass-shaped base rises just 3.75" from the floor, permitting it to roll below a majority of beds and furniture, bringing it as close to the user as possible. Where there is insufficient clearance to roll beneath a chair the hourglass shape lets it tuck in around a corner. The lateral arm extends the centre of the laptop platform 14" from the upright, sufficient to centre the keyboard in front of the user in most applications.

The laptop platform itself, at 16.5" x 11.25", is large enough to accommodate up to 17" laptops and, with the optional book adapter kit, even fairly large books. And tablets are just as easily accommodated with the interchangeable Tablet Cradle Accessory.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is a highly versatile solution that offers a great way to improve laptop ergonomics in the home environment, especially where space is limited and setting up a dedicated workstation is not an option. With its simple clean lines it can blend into most environments, becoming part of the decor. And with the optional accessories it can easily be as useful for relaxation and entertainment as is for work.

For more information on this laptop stand, see our online catalog.

Evoluent VerticalMouse D from Evoluent

Evoluent VerticalMouse D from Evoluent

The Evoluent VerticalMouse D showcases over 20 years of continuous improvement in ergonomic Vertical mouse design. The VerticalMouse D is the sixth generation of the Evoluent VerticalMouse and reflects a rich history of ergonomic innovation. The VerticalMouse D retains all of the benefits associated with earlier Evoluent VerticalMouse models while including design changes that offer both improved control as well as comfort when compared with earlier generations.

The most noticeable design improvement on the Evoluent VerticalMouse D is the new patented vertically grooved buttons. This new "first of its kind" innovation provides a natural resting place for the fingertips that is not only more comfortable but also effectively makes the mouse an "extension" of the hand. With the fingertips lightly resting in the grooved buttons the mouse is naturally held in position, virtually eliminating any need or desire to "grip" the mouse. The end result is not only an enhanced degree of cursor precision but a more relaxed hand and forearm.

Those who have used earlier versions of the Evoluent VerticalMouse will also discover subtle changes in the body contours that encourage the hand to more naturally "curve" around the mouse as well as a slightly wider lower finger flange to better prevent surface contact.

The pointer speed control on the VerticalMouse D is still placed just behind the buttons but is more easily accessed than on earlier models of the Evoluent VerticalMouse. The fingers are able to easily identify and activate the gently-curved raised button without any risk of accidentally clicking. The four speeds (Extra Low, Low, Medium, & High) activate sequentially with each click of the speed control so users can quickly adapt the mouse to the need of the moment. The illuminated setting indicator is located at the front of the thumb rest.

The MouseManager Software from Evoluent lets users customize their mouse to meet their requirements. Any of the 6 buttons can be assigned custom commands. The driver also includes additional enhancements such as instant access to screen brightness adjustment via the scroll wheel.

The VerticalMouse D is currently only available as a Right Hand Model. There are currently Small and Medium models available in both Wired or Wireless, with a Large size arriving in early 2020.

Choose the Correct Size:
Selecting a mouse that best matches hand size is important when addressing ergonomic issues. This Sizing Guide can be used to determine whether a Small, Medium or Large size Evoluent VerticalMouse D is the appropriate size.

For more information on this vertical mouse, see our online catalog.

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