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PopDesk Tablet Laptop Cart from Aidata

PopDesk Tablet Laptop Cart from Aidata

The PopDesk Tablet Laptop Cart from Aidata is a mobile desk made of high impact plastic and designed to fit both tablets up to 13" and laptops (notebooks) up to 17". The tablet arm adjusts from 7.5" to 9.4" in height and extends about 13.8" for variable positioning. The platform can be raised or lowered via the gas cylinder pole from 28.4" to 38.6".

It has a retractable mouse platform and durable polypropylene plastic base (3 lockable casters and power bar slot). It can be knocked down, flat-packed and easily assembled.

For more information on this mobile cart, see the our online catalog.

Evoluent VerticalMouse D from Evoluent

Evoluent VerticalMouse D from Evoluent

The Evoluent VerticalMouse D showcases over 20 years of continuous improvement in ergonomic Vertical mouse design. The VerticalMouse D is the sixth generation of the Evoluent VerticalMouse and reflects a rich history of ergonomic innovation. The VerticalMouse D retains all of the benefits associated with earlier Evoluent VerticalMouse models while including design changes that offer both improved control as well as comfort when compared with earlier generations.

The most noticeable design improvement on the Evoluent VerticalMouse D is the new patented vertically grooved buttons. This new "first of its kind" innovation provides a natural resting place for the fingertips that is not only more comfortable but also effectively makes the mouse an "extension" of the hand. With the fingertips lightly resting in the grooved buttons the mouse is naturally held in position, virtually eliminating any need or desire to "grip" the mouse. The end result is not only an enhanced degree of cursor precision but a more relaxed hand and forearm.

Those who have used earlier versions of the Evoluent VerticalMouse will also discover subtle changes in the body contours that encourage the hand to more naturally "curve" around the mouse as well as a slightly wider lower finger flange to better prevent surface contact.

The pointer speed control on the VerticalMouse D is still placed just behind the buttons but is more easily accessed than on earlier models of the Evoluent VerticalMouse. The fingers are able to easily identify and activate the gently-curved raised button without any risk of accidentally clicking. The four speeds (Extra Low, Low, Medium, & High) activate sequentially with each click of the speed control so users can quickly adapt the mouse to the need of the moment. The illuminated setting indicator is located at the front of the thumb rest.

The MouseManager Software from Evoluent lets users customize their mouse to meet their requirements. Any of the 6 buttons can be assigned custom commands. The driver also includes additional enhancements such as instant access to screen brightness adjustment via the scroll wheel.

The VerticalMouse D is currently only available as a Right Hand Model. There are currently Small and Medium models available in both Wired or Wireless, with a Large size arriving in early 2020.

Choose the Correct Size:
Selecting a mouse that best matches hand size is important when addressing ergonomic issues. This Sizing Guide can be used to determine whether a Small, Medium or Large size Evoluent VerticalMouse D is the appropriate size.

For more information on this vertical mouse, see the our online catalog.

Featured Products

Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming

Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming

Up Your Game! with the Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming, now offering Great Looks, High-end Performance, and Advanced Ergonomics.

The Freestyle Edge RGB features fully addressable RGB lighting, offering users the freedom to customize every single key to their needs. The Freestyle Edge RGB comes with each of the 9 layouts pre-programmed with one of the lighting effects. Using the SmartSet APP users are able to customize individual key colours, speed, direction, and zone to create personalized visual effects. The lighting can even be synced to respond to sound from within a game.

But the Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is more than just pretty colours. Based on the proven ergonomic design of the Freestyle2 and its predecessor, the Freestyle Solo, the Freestyle Edge RGB is an adjustable, separated keyboard offering considerable ergonomic benefits. The Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is divided into two separate modules. The two sides are connected by an adjustable linking cable that can be varied in length from 12" to 20". This separation allows users to position the left and right sides of the keyboard shoulder width apart, permitting the shoulders, elbows, arms and wrists to relax in an anatomically neutral position. This greatly improves posture and blood flow in the upper body, prevents undesirable rotation at the shoulders, and eliminates ulnar deviation at the wrist. For gamers this separation offers the additional advantage of being able to position a mousing device, joystick or other controller centrally located between the keyboard halves. As well, for games which rely primarily on left hand controls the right half can be positioned out of the way to the right and with the left module and mouse or controller being brought in to a more central location.

The Freestyle Edge RGB Keyboard includes detachable cushioned palm supports for users who wish to eliminate wrist extension and reduce the potential for development of painful and debilitating repetitive strain injuries. A Lift Kit accessory that can tent the keyboard halves to 5°, 10° and 15° angles is also available to reduce the forearm pronation that can also lead to conditions that can make keyboard and mouse use extremely painful.

The symmetrical, compact design (achieved by eliminating the ten key numeric pad) reduces the reach for the mouse for both left- and right-handed users. The Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides access to numbers along the top row. Users who want a stand-alone numeric keyboard have the option of adding either the Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad or the Freestyle2 Keypad for PC.

The Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available in three models that each feature different premium Cherry Mechanical keyswitches - Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, or Cherry MX Red. These premium keyswitches are topped by full height concave laser etched keycaps and are of course equipped with RGB backlighting featuring 9 custom lighting modes.

The Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is packed with power. The 4MB onboard memory can store up to 9 dual-layer fully programmable layouts for instant access to game or program-specific commands. Programming can be done directlyt to the keyboard or through the the graphical interface of the SmartSet APP (Available for Windows and Mac). The left hand module also features a convenient "Game Bank" of 8 programmable keys that gamers, graphic designers or programmers can all employ for triggering macros and custom key commands. Full NKRO mode and 100% Anti-ghosting design means no lost commands, regardless of how fast and furious the action gets. Macro delays, tap-and-hold actions, mouse clicks, and more can be easily assigned. As for speed, a 1MS response time (1000mhz polling) means that the best player wins - not the best hardware (not that the hardware doesn't matter - might as well have that advantage as well). Media controls are easily accessed via the embedded FN layer that remains available regardless of which custom layout you are currently working with. And it doesn't matter the platform used - the Freestyle Edge RGB will fully function with Windows 7-10, Mac OSX v10.6+, Chrome OS, or Linux. Just one full-size USB port will give any gamer everything they have always wanted - and more.

For more information on this backlit keyboard, see the our online catalog.

ANDROMEDA Electric Workstation Base (3-Leg) from ErgoVerse

ANDROMEDA Electric Workstation Base (3-Leg) from ErgoVerse

The ANDROMEDA Electric Workstation Base (3-Leg) from ErgoVerse gives sit-stand users a host of premium features at an affordable cost. The ANDROMEDA is capable of lifting up to 330 pounds and has an adjustable range from 24" - 50". The trio of synchronized motors feature a "soft start" which eliminates abrupt starts and stops, resulting in exceptionally smooth non-jarring movement. The programmable 6-button controller offers 4 preset height options with a unique "touch-and-go" function that permits users to pursue other tasks once they have activated the new height setting.

The ANDROMEDA 3-leg model features a sturdy 2-Leg "T-base" combined with a "modular" 3rd leg. The frame offers exceptional stability and the modular nature of the 3rd leg means the frame can also accommodate scenarios where more traditional 3-leg frame designs may not be suitable. The synchronized linear actuator motors are capable of lifting at 1.5" per second reducing time required to make adjustments. The convenient "touch-and-go" feature that enables a user to make their height selection and then move on to other tasks while the workstation self-adjusts further reduces lost time. Anti-Collision Protection is provided via "stop and reverse" functionality which stops and backs the desk away from fixed obstructions.

The range of elevation adjustment, features, and universal application make the ANDROMEDA a good selection for most sit-stand applications. Assembly is simple and can generally be accomplished in under an hour.

Note: This frame does not work with 3-piece corner desks. As well, the primary frame must be mounted to bridge the joint between the primary and secondary tops. See the Usage Tips for more details regarding top selection.

If a more standard 2-Leg frame might be considered the ErgoVerse ANDROMEDA Electric Workstation (2-Leg) which offers the same range of features as the 3-Leg model should be considered.

NOTE: The adjustable design of the ANDROMEDA makes it capable of accommodating a wide range table top widths and depths. ErgoVerse offers the premium quality line of DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops and the DIADEM Return Table Tops as an ideal complement for the ANDROMEDA 3-Leg Frame. The DIADEM tops feature 3-D lamination which eliminates any sharp edges and are available in 4 rich wood grains and 2 solid colours. The L-shaped configuration requires both a DIADEM Waterfall and DIADEM Return Table Top. Pre-existing or custom-made table tops can also be easily mounted on the ANDROMEDA base.

For more information on this electric desk frame, see the our online catalog.

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