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Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard for PC and Mac

Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard for PC and Mac from Matias

Available in both English and French Canadian layouts, the Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard for PC from Matias reflects many of the features appreciated in the discontinued Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. It combines the same familiar layout, very similar styling and ergonomic design, with laptop-style Matias scissor-switch membrane chiclet keyswitches. Enhanced functionality is also provided, with the addition of an embedded numeric keypad making this keyboard a true compact layout, and performance-oriented individuals will appreciate the full on-board and driver-free programming capabilities that the Sculpted Ergonomic Keyboard for PC offers. Serious typists will also appreciate the inclusion of an illuminated Caps Lock indicator. The removable (attaches magnetically) padded palm support uses genuine tree rubber for an enhanced thicker and denser cushion and the included optional (also attached magnetically) Negative Tilt Bar can be used to elevate the front of the keyboard to create an ergonomic negative slope that can aid in reducing wrist extension. However, because this elevates the keyboard, typists need to ensure that they are able to adjust the keyboard position to an appropriate height or they may actually be moving to a "less" ergonomic position when attaching this accessory.

The Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard can connect either as a wireless device (using either of the included USB-A or USB-C receivers), or as a wired device by employing the USB-C charging cord which doubles as a data cable. When in wireless mode it employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-128) technology, designed to help protect sensitive data by encrypting keystrokes. The included USB receivers are also replaceable should either (or both) be lost (unlike the discontinued Microsoft product), saving the hassle of a costly keyboard replacement.

The Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard for PC is available for pre-order with a $20.00 Discount available until September 1st, 2024. Delivery is expected in September, 2024.

Those working in Mac environment will want to purchase the Sculpted Ergonomic Rechargeable Keyboard for Mac, also available with the pre-order discount.

For more information on these rechargeable Keyboards, see our online catalog.

HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus

Mousetrapper Delta

The Mousetrapper Delta returns to its 1994 family roots - the original rollerbar-driven inline pointing device mouse alternative. Now employing a new ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre rollerbar, the Delta offers virtually effortless ambidextrous cursor control. The 10" wide control bar is a generous 0.8" in diameter and features a lightly textured and slip-resistant surface that provides subtle tactile feedback for superior cursor control while still responding to the lightest of touches. The bar requires nominal pressure for clicking, reducing the potential for unintended cursor movement that can occur with rollerbar-style devices. In addition, the rollerbar click is easily disabled for those who would prefer to use a standard button. Unlike some roller-style devices where the rollerbar projects above the device, the bar on the Mousetrapper Delta is slightly recessed, reducing the risk of unintentional contact by the palms when transitioning from typing to mousing.

With 4.9" of lateral movement, the Mousetrapper Delta offers a greater range of bar movement than most other roller-style pointing devices. The Delta also monitors the range of cursor movement that is being utilized, and adapts the bar movement to optimize the range of cursor control. Six adjustable cursor speeds (up to 4000 dpi) can be selected according to personal preference and for occasions when very fine control is required there is the option of programming one of the buttons to "enhance cursor precision".

In addition to the clickable rollerbar, the Mousetrapper Delta is equipped with 6 fully programmable buttons. The default functions are Left & Right Click, Copy and Paste, and Zoom In & Zoom Out. All of these can be reassigned an extensive range of functions via the browser-based MT Keys Programming Interface for Chrome or Edge browsers. There is also a clickable scroll wheel that can be assigned one of several mouse click functions. Custom programming is neither software nor driver dependent as it is written to and stored on the Moustreapper Delta.

The Mousetrapper Delta is designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden using recycled plastics and is designed to be easily recycled again at the end of its life. The padded faux leather palm support is easily detached for cleaning when required. Included keyboard risers can be installed to offer two levels of elevation to better accommodate a range of keyboard profiles and a dual USB port supports charging or connection of two additional devices. Mouestrapper also offers firmware updates via their MT Keys web interface, making it incredibly easy to ensure that the Mouestrapper Delta is operating at peak efficiency. Note: The Delta is a new addition to the Mousetrapper family so those who prefer the 2-dimensional Control Pad can still access the more mature Mousetrapper family members.

Featured Products

LEVO G2 Deluxe Floor Stand for iPads, Tablets and eReaders by Levo

LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand by Levo

Laptop users are now able to enjoy the same convenience that readers and tablet users have been experiencing for years. The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand further expands the LEVO family of products by adding a laptop solution alongside the existing Tablet and Book holders. Not only that, the Rolling Laptop Workstation also has accessories available that easily convert it for use with either tablets or traditional books and magazines. With the LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation it is now possible to relax in the comfort of your favourite chair or even on the bed, while at the same time positioning your laptop for improved ergonomics and comfort. And, once your work is done for the day, you can use the optional accessories to switch to your tablet for some family facetime or to escape into your favourite novel.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation stand features a heavy 20 pound base that ensures stability for laptops up to 17". Easy rolling casters let the stand be easily positioned to optimize both comfort and ergonomics or for movement between locations or rooms. The telescoping design features easily operated cam locks for platform height adjustment to any point between 22" and 40". At 40" it even provides sufficient elevation to be used as a temporary standing workstation for users up to about 5'6". The 12.75" hourglass-shaped base rises just 3.75" from the floor, permitting it to roll below a majority of beds and furniture, bringing it as close to the user as possible. Where there is insufficient clearance to roll beneath a chair the hourglass shape lets it tuck in around a corner. The lateral arm extends the centre of the laptop platform 14" from the upright, sufficient to centre the keyboard in front of the user in most applications.

The laptop platform itself, at 16.5" x 11.25", is large enough to accommodate up to 17" laptops and, with the optional book adapter kit, even fairly large books. And tablets are just as easily accommodated with the interchangeable Tablet Cradle Accessory.

The LEVO Rolling Laptop Workstation Stand is a highly versatile solution that offers a great way to improve laptop ergonomics in the home environment, especially where space is limited and setting up a dedicated workstation is not an option. With its simple clean lines it can blend into most environments, becoming part of the decor. And with the optional accessories it can easily be as useful for relaxation and entertainment as is for work.

For more information on this mobile laptop stand, see our online catalog.

HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus

STEPL Drafting Chair

With a seat height range of 23.75" - 33.1", the STEPL Drafting Chair from ErgoVerse can provide those working at fixed-height elevated workstations a stable and comfortable seat. The STEPL features a wide seat and back rest, both with 2" thick padding for comfort. The angles of the seat and back rest are independently adjustable, with the back rest also adjustable in height, features that let each person to position support where it is most beneficial. Seat height adjustment is via a standard gas spring lift that also provides a shock-absorbing effect.

Two footrest options are available. Models SDC-BLK-05004 and SDC-GRY-07033 are equipped with a large 22.8" diameter heavy steel foot ring that provides a convenient 360° of fixed support for the feet. Model SDC-BLK-07030 features a 120° steel footrest with an aggressively treaded surface for safety. Both foot rest options can be positioned as low as 7.5" off the floor or can also be secured at greater heights if necessary.

All models have oversized 27" diameter Brushed Aluminum bases for stability. Safety glides ensure safety when mounting and dismounting from the chair.

STEPL Drafting chairs are upholstered with supple imitation leather. Model SDC-BLACK-05004 is available in Black, SDC-BLK-07033S is available in Anthracite Grey with red accent stitching, and Model DC-GRY-07030 is available in Black, with red accent stitching.

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