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New Products

Cleankeys CK4 Capacitive Desktop Glass Keyboard from Indukeys

Cleankeys CK4 Capacitive Desktop Glass Keyboard from Indukeys

The Cleankeys CK4 Capacitive Desktop Glass Keyboard from Indukeys is a wipable, waterproof wired keyboard designed for environments in which hygienic conditions are a necessity, such as medical and dental operatories. The surface of this tap-sensitive (i.e. zero force) keyboard is a completely flat Gorilla Glass that is easily cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectants. Keystrokes are activated by tapping the legended key areas on the surface as there are no moving mechanical parts in the keyboard. The keys have adjustable sensitivity and volume to provide some confirmation of input in the absence of tactile or haptic feedback. A touchpad area for mouse input (including two dedicated areas for left and right click) occupy the traditional location of the cursor keys. The cursor keys are still available; they have been relocated under the Enter and Right Shift key area.

The ISO compliant standard 103 key layout makes transitioning to a different keying action easier for users. To make it easier to clean a Clean Mode is available on the keyboard which locks all key input (simply press the "Key Lock" legended area of the surface).

For more information on the Cleankeys CK4 Capacitive Desktop Glass Keyboard, see the Mice - Central/Inline product line page in our online catalog.

DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops from ErgoVerse

DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops from ErgoVerse

The DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops from ErgoVerse focus on functional organic form while offering a distinctive look to any office setting. Constructed of 1" thick MDF core, these table tops are machined with a waterfall profile and rounded corners that eliminate pinch points. Highly resilient laminate film is then applied to the tops using 3-D lamination technology. This combination of high heat and vacuum wrap the lamination film around the contoured edges, resulting in a fully sealed top. The satin finish laminate film is non-porous, providing protection from spills and the fully sealed contoured edges offer full protection to the MDF core. The undersides of all DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops are finished with melamine to add further protection. The DIADEM Table Tops offer a uniquely practical and beautifying feature, a softly rounded inner waterfall edge for the dual grommet holes which permits cables to drop gently below the surface without risk of damage from the standard sharp edges.

DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops are 29" deep and available in 4 widths (46", 58", 70" and 82"). All sizes are available in 4 luxurious wood grain finishes (Dark Crimson Mahogany, Autumn Harvest Cherry, Light Fresh Maple, and Pristine Sandbank) as well as 2 solid colours (Black and Grey).

For more information on the DIADEM Waterfall Table Tops, see the Mice - Central/Inline product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

RollerMouse Pro3 by Contour Design

RollerMouse Pro3 by Contour Design

The RollerMouse Pro3 by Contour Design is a central pointing device which uses a rollerbar instead of a traditional mouse and is designed to sit immediately in front of your keyboard below the space bar. This allows the user to perform all mousing activity in the area immediately "below" their keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for a mouse. The RollerMouse Pro3 is ideally suited for workspaces with insufficient room for a mouse in that it frees up space, providing more room for a user with limited available space.

The cursor is moved by rolling a "dowel" or cylindrical control bar with the fingertips to move the cursor "up" and "down", and sliding this bar from side to side for horizontal movement. Once the desired location is achieved, the user can generate a left click by pressing down on the bar (the force required for this is adjustable from ultra-light touch to highly tactile). Five buttons and a scroll wheel are located below the bar to generate left/middle/right clicks, copy, paste and vertical scrolling. There is also a cursor speed button between the copy and paste buttons for ten different speed settings from 600 to 2400 dpi. The Pro3 additionally comes with adjustable keyboard "risers" to lift up conventional and compact single piece keyboards.

The improvements of the RollerMouse Pro3 over the RollerMouse Pro2 include an aluminum metal base for added sturdiness, slightly less width (about 1" less), increased dpi for faster speeds and greater cursor accuracy, a smoother scrolling scroll wheel, and the ability to be used with adjustable or separated keyboards without getting an additional mat accessory.

For more information on the RollerMouse Pro3, see the Mice - Central/Inline product line page in our online catalog.

CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit from ErgoVerse

CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit from ErgoVerse

The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit from ErgoVerse retrofits any stationary desk into a sit-stand desk. These freestanding units require no modifications to the existing desk and can be set up in under 10 minutes. The 14" of height adjustment provide keyboard elevations up to 15" above the mounting surface height. The CASSIOPEIA is available in two widths in order to benefit the widest range of users. The Compact model features a 26.75" wide worksurface while the Standard model provides an ample 35" width. The 23" surface depth ensures that monitors can be positioned at an appropriate viewing distance while providing sufficient space for other desktop items. In short, the CASSIOPEIA gives you all the benefits of a sit-stand desk without compromising workspace. The keyboard tray is 12.75" deep to accommodate central pointing devices. Width varies with the model—26.75" wide on the Compact model and 34.5" wide on the Standard model—allowing plenty of space on both for even the largest ergonomic keyboards and mice.

The gas cylinder mechanism makes moving the platform up or down effortless. The CASSIOPEIA uses an X-style mechanism which permits the keyboard and work surfaces to move straight up or down without forcing the user away from the desk when moving to a standing position. This means that it also works well in smaller work areas where the cantilever design common on many other sit-stand converters forces users to step away from the desk. The CASSIOPEIA offers 12 keyboard height settings (a seated position 1" above the desk surface - and 11 settings varying from 6.5" - 15" above the desk for standing applications). The worksurface is positioned 5" above the selected keyboard height setting. The 22.5" deep footprint means this sit-stand retrofit unit can work comfortably on desks as shallow as 23" deep.

Early Bird Discount - Pre-Order your CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit before June 30th and Receive a Manufacturer's Instant Rebate of $25.00.

For more information on the CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit, see the Sit Stand Solutions - Retrofit - Freestanding product line page in our online catalog.

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