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New Products

Freestyle Edge Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming

Freestyle Edge Keyboard from Kinesis Gaming

Calling all Gamers, Graphic Designers, and Programmers! There is no longer a need to sacrifice performance in pursuit of ergonomics. The Freestyle Edge from Kinesis Gaming integrates proven ergonomics and tenkeyless design in a mechanical keyboard packed with the latest in custom programmability and performance. The result is a keyboard that offers the advanced functionality that high performance users demand while providing the same ergonomic benefits that tens of thousands of everyday computer users have enjoyed for years.

Based on the proven ergonomic design of the Freestyle2 and its predecessor, the Freestyle Solo, the Freestyle Edge is an adjustable, separated keyboard offering considerable ergonomic benefits. The Freestyle Edge Keyboard is divided into two separate modules. The two sides are connected by an adjustable linking cable that can be adjusted in length from 12" to 20". This separation allows users to position the left and right sides of the keyboard shoulder width apart, allowing the shoulders, elbows, arms and wrists to relax in an anatomically neutral position. This greatly improves posture and blood flow in the upper body, prevents undesirable rotation at the shoulders, and eliminates ulnar deviation at the wrist. For gamers this separation offers the additional advantage of being able to position a mousing device, joystick or other controller centrally located between the keyboard halves. As well, for games which relay primarily on left hand controls the right half can be positioned out of the way to the right and with the left module and mouse or controller being brought in to a more central location.

The symmetrical, compact design (achieved by eliminating the ten key numeric pad) reduces the reach for the mouse for both left- and right-handed users. The Freestyle Edge Keyboard provides access to numbers along the top row. Users who want a stand-alone numeric keyboard have the option of adding either the Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad or the Freestyle2 Keypad for PC.

The Freestyle Edge Keyboard is available in three models that each feature different premium Cherry Mechanical keyswitches; Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Red). These premium keyswitches are topped by full height concave laser etched keycaps and are equipped with blue backlighting featuring 12 custom lighting modes.

For more information on the Freestyle Edge Keyboard, see the Keyboards - Adjustable/Separated product line page in our online catalog.

Full Travel Mini Keyboard from SolidTek

Full Travel Mini Keyboard from SolidTek

The Full Travel Mini Keyboard from SolidTek has the look of a laptop scissor-switch style keyboard but does not use scissor switches for stabilization. Instead a unique clover leaf keyswitch design stabilizes the completely flat keycap, preventing tilting both from front to back and side to side. The spacing between keycaps is very small compared to most keyboards, but the key pitch is standard, so the comparatively larger keycap tops are easier to target than on many keyboards. The key travel is a full 3.5 mm and the tactile rubber dome membrane switches provide a crisp typing feel.

The Full Travel Mini Keyboard has full size alpha-numeric keys and key pitch, with all other keys reduced from a standard keyboard. This allows the keyboard to offer a minimal 12" wide x 5.15" deep footprint on the desk, and at 0.85" tall, this keyboard is also portable if required. This keyboard includes an embedded numeric keypad which has blue legends, and is only available in a wired format (USB 1.1 compatible).

For more information on the Full Travel Mini Keyboard from SolidTek, see the Keyboards - Compact/Mini product line page in our online catalog.

Featured Products

Ring Pen Ultra from Grandee Corporation

Ring Pen Ultra from Grandee Corporation

The Ring Pen Ultra from Grandee Corporation restores writing comfort for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis which make it difficult to maintain a grip on a pen or pencil. The Ring Pen Ultra slides onto the index finger and with the thumb and middle finger acting as stabilizing guides provides full control for even fine movements.

The Ring Pen Ultra builds on the successful design of the earlier No-Grip Ring Pen by providing the same "gripless" functionality but now with the capability to accommodate virtually any pen, pencil, or even paint brushes.

While intended to serve the needs of those who cannot grip it also offers all users the chance to work with a more relaxed hand, reducing the potential for the development of RSI related to the tight grip required to control most writing devices.

The same features which make the Ring Pen Ultra successful as a writing aid also make it well suited to serve as an eating utensil holder for those who have difficulty holding or manipulating a fork or spoon. Utensils can be easily inserted into the slot, creating "gripless" control and restoring independence and dignity to those who might otherwise have extreme difficulty or be completely unable hold the utensils.

The Ring Pen Ultra is available in 3 sizes&emdash;Small, Medium, and Large&medash;thus providing a solution to suit virtually any user, be they a child or an adult with large fingers. The small will accommodate children and those with very small hands, the Medium will accommodate most women with average sized hands, and the Large should work for most men.

For more information on the Ring Pen Ultra from Grandee Corporation, see the Accessories - Writing Solutions product line page in our online catalog.

Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation from KV Waterloo

Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation from KV Waterloo

The Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation from KV Waterloo can be placed on virtually any fixed-height desk to provide users with an instant sit-stand solution. It will fit any desk with a depth equal to or greater than the 23.2" footprint depth. This well-engineered product provides a full 13.8" of height adjustment range. Keyboard height will adjust from roughly 1" to 14.8" above the surface and the upper worksurface from 6.2" to 20". Users simultaneously activate the left and right paddle releases to adjust the height to any point throughout the entire lifting range. Gas cylinders provide lift assistance to reduce the effort required to make adjustments and the unique locking system offers infinite adjustment throughout the entire range. Regardless of the height, the Volante provides a highly stable worksurface and keyboard tray, with no detectable wobbling or movement of the mechanism. The cantilever design of the Volante means that as it rises it also moves out and towards the user, requiring the users to step back and away to accommodate the new positioning.

The upper platform for monitor, tablets, or documents is 35.4" wide by 15.7" deep, while the keyboard tray is 26.4" wide by 13" deep. The keyboard tray features a tilting mechanism (±10°) so users can adjust the keyboard inclination to provide for optimal neutral alignment of their wrists. The 2" grommet hole at the back of the upper platform can serve as a cable guide as well as for attaching a monitor arm should greater elevation be required.

For more information on the Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation, see the Sit-Stand / Lean - Retrofit - Freestanding product line page in our online catalog.

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