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New Products

Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard by Evoluent

A 'full-size' compact keyboard? Yes, odd as it sounds, this is the first compact keyboard which features full-size keycaps and standard 19.05 mm key pitch (the space between the keys) identical to what you would find on any conventional keyboard. The Evoluent Essentials Keyboard is, essentially a conventional keyboard with the numeric keypad removed and the navigation keys populating a single column on the right side of the keyboard. It features an ultra-thin neutral profile and uses high quality crisp low-travel scissor-switch membrane keyswitches. Tactile raised bumps (both dots and ridges) on a variety of keycaps beyond the traditional 'F' and 'J' provide significant tactile feedback to the fingertips improving positional feedback and keying accuracy. The Evoluent Essentials keyboard also includes 12 hot keys (including Cut, Copy, Paste and multimedia functions) and is plug and play.

NOTE: This compact keyboard does not have an embedded number pad.

For more information on the Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard by Evoluent, see the Compact Keyboard category in our Online Catalog.

Mousetrapper Flexible from Mousetrapper

The Mousetrapper Flexible brings the flexibility of portability and wireless to central pointing devices. A 'Steering Pad' is centrally located in the device so that it is just below your keyboard, making access to the keyboard easy for both hands, while reducing the necessity of moving a mouse from side to side. The surface of the pad 'grips' the finger tip, allowing the finger to easily steer the pad in any direction. Control requires very minimal effort as the pad moves effortlessly. For some, usage of a steering pad is more intuitive than rollerbars, touchpads and trackballs due to its two-dimensional design. The compact size of the Flexible also makes it highly portable, allowing it to be used with both traditional keyboards or compact keyboards in a laptop workstation.

The Mousetrapper Flexible can be used both wirelessly (the built-in rechargable battery is charged via the included USB cable) or wired (using the same USB cable).

For more information on the Mousetrapper Flexible, see the Alternative Mice page in our online catalog.

Featured Product

VerticalMouse 4 Wireless from Evoluent

The VerticalMouse 4 Wireless is the latest generation of the wireless Evoluent mouse, replacing the VerticalMouse 3 Wireless. The uniquely patented contoured design transforms the traditional palm down mousing position to a vertical handshake position which offers increased comfort for many users. A number of improvements were included in this 2nd iteration of the wireless mouse, including a larger flange along the bottom of the mouse to prevent the user's fifth finger from dragging on the desk, and multiple pointer speed settings. The thumb rest has been improved to provide even more comfort and reduced grip force requirements over earlier versions.

Performance based improvements include an easier-to-access pointer speed control button on the side of the mouse allowing the user to select between Extra Low, Low, Medium and High, giving users the ability to select the degree of precision they require for each task. An additional thumb button can also be assigned once a driver is installed. In sum, the VerticalMouse 4 Wireless has all the features and improvements of the wired VerticalMouse 4 with the addition of being wireless.

The VerticalMouse 4 Wireless is available for the right hand only, and comes in black housing with dark purple buttons.

For more information on theVerticalMouse 4 Wireless, see the Vertical Mice category in our Online Catalog.



Articulating Gel Forearm Support with Removable Mouse Tray

This forearm support features a soft, supportive gel pad, designed to provide support for the forearm and to relieve muscle strain and tension from the neck and shoulder area. The arm has a flowing movement on an adjustable plane (i.e. level, positive or negative inclination can be created) and allows you to move between the keyboard and mouse without any interruption in support. It is height adjustable from 3" below to 5" above the worksurface.

Due to the nature of this product we cannot offer our 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee on this product.

Here is your chance to pick up the Articulating Gel Forearm Support with Removable Mouse Tray at a great price. For more information, see the Arms/Palm Rests category in our Online Catalog.

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